GTA 5 for PS4

The new things of GTA 5 for PS4 compared to the PS3 version includes new vehicles and locations in the game, the first person mode, GTA online and apparently improved graphics. In addition, the Dual Shock joystick for PS4 will become your mobile phone and you can have conversations with it in the game. Note that you will be able to port characters from GTA 5, if you have played the initial game version for PS3 and Xbox 360 (play initial game version).

Now let’s get to the story that you probably know already. It unfolds from the perspective of three characters: Franklin, a young gangster who is full of good intentions, but he associates with the wrong people, then we have Michael, a retired gangster who is living his second youth, and we have psycho Trevor, who produces methamphetamine in the desert. The way Trevor behaves in the game is exactly like when we or you will act crazy in GTA and start shoot everything around just for fun. Well, Trevor makes this approach a way of life.

In terms of gameplay. GTA 5 can not be described in a single sentence, phrase or short story. The game is mostly cinematic, each sequence from Story mode having an air of action game. The variety of missions is gigantic and the game includes over 40 hours of content. At the base, GTA 5 is a third person shooter action game, which can be converted in FPS by changing the camera angle.

You will be able to hijack any car you see, fly planes and helicopters, skyjets and many other vehicles. The cars can be controlled a little worse than in Watch Dogs, and planes are almost impossible to control, from my point of view. You will also have infiltration missions, racing cars, missions in which you must destroy a factory or rob a store.

The action takes place in Los Santos, clearly inspired by Lost Angeles city and with Trevor you will be also in San Andreas for a short period of time. Obviously, like in any other self-respecting GTA game you will be followed by the police, who seem to be a little slower than in previous GTA games. You will be given into tracking, there will be a helicopter, but sometimes the police will pass along you without any consequences, and the helicopter will give up too quick in shooting you.

GTA 5 is above all a monument of urban architecture and modern stories. The story of the game is brilliant, especially the Trevor part. The characters are charismatic actors, the missions come in a big variety (see best gaming missions), and the secondary one are even more. The game offers you dozens of hours of content, accompanied by an online mode and first person mode will keep you busy for weeks. In conclusion, the game is a good game to play.